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Hawaiian Culture

Are you ready for a deep dive into the culture of Hawaii? String a lei, play the ukulele and weave hala (pandanus)! If you’re the adventurous type, we’ll take you on an archeological hike to the nearby petroglyph fields, the largest in the Hawaiian islands. We’ll guide you through ancient lava shelter caves and man-made fishponds stocked with seafood once restricted only to the ali’i (Hawaiian royalty) of old.

Complimentary Cultural experiences

HAKU & TI LEAF LEI MAKING | Learn to make a lei, the iconic symbol of aloha in Hawaiian culture. *Two separate experiences.

HULA LE‘A WALE—HULA LESSON | Join us for an hour-long lesson to learn the history of a dance that’s been called the heartbeat of Hawai’i.

LAU NIU—COCONUT FROND WEAVING | Learn to weave coconut fronds with our Hui Holokai.

PA‘ANI MAKAHIKI—HAWAIIAN GAMES | Learn about and play Hawaiian games with our Hui Holokai. Meet at the beach shack.

MO‘OLELO TIME—STORYTELLING | Storytelling on the beach or identified indoor space, as weather permits. Learn about the legends and lore of Hawai‘i Island.

NA MEA WAIWAI O MILOKŪKAHI—CULTURAL WALK | Fairmont Orchid is home to the ancient land of Kalāhuipua‘a, now called Mauna Lani (heavenly mountain) and is known as a spiritual, historical land. Learn the cultural significance of this special place.

‘ŌLELO HAWAI‘I—HAWAIIAN LANGUAGE BASICS | Learn Hawaiian language basics to be able to pronounce the many Hawaiian places, street names and more.

For more information and the weekly activity schedule, please contact our concierge at +1 808 887 7320.


An evening at the Hawaiiloa Luau is full of Hawaiian tradition and hospitality. A hosted bar and a spectacular dinner offer the freshest and finest ingredients found in the islands.

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TOURCH LIGHTING | Held prior to sunset beginning at the Luana Lounge Terrace, this time-honored tradition, the blowing of the conch shell or “pū” by our Hui Holokai Ambassadors signifies the ending of another beautiful day in paradise. A must see for keiki (children) and adults alike!

ALOHA FRIDAY AT AHUAKŪPUNA (ALTER) | Join us to honor our kūpuna (ancestors) past and present in a moving ceremony.

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