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Our island escape is tranquil and private, tucked away along the sunny Kohala Coast. You don’t have to leave our oceanfront property to find aquatic adventure. You can snorkel in our private bay, swim in calm waters alongside schools of colorful fish or lounge by the pool while humpbacks breach offshore. But if you do choose to leave, we’re within easy reach of all of Hawai‘i Island’s coastal wonders.

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Explore Hawai‘i’s shores, from white-sand classics to black-lava beauties. Don’t leave Hawai‘i without a day, or three, at the beach! Nothing beats an afternoon splashing in the warm sea, riding in the surf and lounging under palm trees. Savor the day and dive into the aloha spirit.

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ʻAnaehoʻomalu Bay

This protected bay features calm waters, lovely sunsets and scenic coastal hiking. Explore ancient fishponds along the shore and spot honu (Hawaiian sea turtles). Scuba past blue parrot, trigger and puffer fish—or simply nap on the sand.

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Hapuna Beach Park

The island’s most expansive white-sand beach boasting clear aquamarine waters, a continuous shore break and perennially sunny weather, this popular spot is perfect for primo body-boarding, swimming and snorkeling. In winter and spring, look for migrating whales just off the shore.

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Holoholokai Beach Park

This is a great place to picnic, relax and walk along the scenic shoreline trail near Fairmont Orchid. Serene and intimate, you’ll find sea creature-filled tidepools along the black lava and white coral coast. Bring a friend and enjoy a tour of ancient lava rock carvings at the nearby Puako Petroglyph Archaeological Preserve.

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Ohaiula/Spencer Beach Park

This family-friendly, white sand beach located south of Kawaihae Harbor, is an ideal playground for kids. A long reef offshore provides shelter for calm waters, making this beach one of the west side’s best swimming spots for little ones.

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Water Activities

Snorkel through crystal clear waters as manta rays perform an underwater ballet. Feel the rush of catching your first wave. Reel in the big one in a deep-sea fishing expedition with the pros. Hawai‘i was made for ocean adventures.

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Swim with Manta Rays

You’ll be mesmerized by these gentle giants as they glide gracefully by to feed on microscopic plankton in the illuminated waters. Going on a dive with these magnificent creatures is an experience unique to Hawai‘i Island and widely considered one of the top evening dives in the world.

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Go Whale Watching

Experience the thrill of watching a 40-ton humpback vaulting up and out of the water. These acrobatic giants frequent the warm, shallow waters of the Hawai‘i Island’s coast year-round, but December to May is prime kohola (humpback) viewing season.

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Surf’s Up

Surfing, or hee nalu as we call it, is as Hawaiian as it gets. In fact, it was created here. Why not learn from the pros? Take a beginner class in our warm waters or try a private lesson to hone your halfpipe on some of the world’s most legendary breaks.

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Fish Hawai‘i’s Deep Seas

Fishing has been a way of life here for centuries. Head out to sea for an expedition along the Kona coast, renowned for ahi, ono, marlin and mahi mahi—some as big as 1,000 pounds. Our expert guides can let you in on all the secret spots.