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Hawaiian Culture

Step into the story of Hawaiʻi’s rich culture, steeped in fascinating customs, legends and lore. Learn ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi, the Hawaiian language. Join us for an archeological hike to nearby ancient petroglyph fields. Dance hula, the heartbeat of Hawaiʻi. Our one-of-a-kind cultural offerings are designed to facilitate a deeper connection between you and our beloved Hawaiian culture. This sense of connection is vital to understanding what it means to mālama (take care of) Hawaiʻi and as you embrace this sacred place we’re honored to call home.

For more information or reservations please visit the beach shack or call +1 808 887 7524.


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Torch Lighting

Witness a time-honored tradition in Hawaiian culture as our Hui Holokai Beach Ambassadors light torches around the property at sunset each evening to signify the ending of another beautiful day in paradise.

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Advanced Coconut Frond Weaving

Learn how to weave a bowl, platter, or purse with guidance from our Hui Holokai Beach Ambassadors. These are great keepsakes to take home and commemorate your trip to Hawai‘i Island.

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Private Milokukahi Treasures Hike

Learn about the unique landmarks that are within this 32 acre oceanfront property. From the beautiful Pauoa Bay to the ancient petroglyphs, there are many treasures to see along the way.

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Puakō Petroglyph Hike

Take a step back in time and explore the 233-acre Puakō Petroglyph Archeological Preserve. Talk story with our Hui Holokai Beach Ambassadors as they take you on a leisurely hike throughout the sacred land.

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Historical Kalāhuipua'a & Fish Pond Hike

Embark on an experience that will take you back in time. Learn about ancient Hawaiian shelter caves, fish ponds, and tour the grounds of Kalāhuipua’a, known as a gathering place for ali’i (royalty) and special visitors.

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Activities & Events

Explore the soul of Hawaiʻi Island as you venture forth in our open-air oceanfront resort. We look forward to sharing our cultural knowledge, ocean skills, storytelling talents and aloha with you. We live to turn your moments into memories and can’t wait to guide you on your Hawaiʻi Island journey.

Fairmont Orchid

This luxury resort is just a short drive from top attractions, such as renowned beaches, Pololū Valley and much more.

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