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Couple at Binchotan Bar & Grill bar


Gather the ‘ohana (family) around a shared platter of succulent seafood, sweet corn on the cob, grass-fed meats and crisp seasonal vegetables — grilled to perfection, the old way

Originating from Hokkaido, Japan, robatayaki reflects the seafaring lifestyle: seasoned fishers gathered around the crackling campfire, trading tales long into the night and grilling up their fresh catch over the irori, or glowing white charcoals — octopus, sea urchin, lobster, prawns and fish. Binchotan honors that timeless tradition, with a modern twist.

Guests at Binchotan: Bar & Grill fire pit


Expect sweet, delicate seafood and seasonal local vegetables fire-roasted to a juicy, tender inside and pleasingly charred outside, served sizzling hot off the grill: tiger prawns and mahi mahi, wagyu beef and smoked pork belly with shishito peppers. The aroma is nothing less than divine. Share robata on the terrace or order handcrafted stand-outs sea urchin eggs, octopus and abalone at the 14-seat sushi bar over artisan cocktails.


Open Friday through Tuesday for dinner | 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Book online or call +1 808 887 7320
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