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Malama (care for) Hawaii and bond with your group. Many organizations on Hawaii Island invite visitors to pay it forward with native plant conservation, beach cleanups and reforestation initiatives. We would be delighted to connect you with one of our partners to have your group engage in a meaningful voluntourism opportunity during their stay.

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The Waikōloa Dry Forest is an inspiring place where ancient wiliwili trees persist in some of the roughest terrain in Hawai‘i. Location just fifteen minutes from Fairmont Orchid, you can sponsor a grove of native trees and plant them with your team. Volunteers will work alongside land managers and help perpetuate the Hawaiian dry forest by collecting native seeds and planting native trees. Volunteers have planted more than 10,000 trees in the preserve! Walk amongst the ancient wiliwili trees, see plant species that only occur in this rare habitat, learning about the culture and ecology of the forest from the knowledgeable staff and help restore the forest.

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During the last two decades, marine debris, resulting in a pandemic of plastic pollution in the world’s ocean, has become a significant threat to ocean wildlife, and ultimately, to humans. Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund is a leader in the Hawaiʻi Nei Marine Debris Removal Partnership. Over the past two years, the Hawaʻi Nei Marine Debris Removal Project, a collaborative partnership with three groups, has worked to remove a combined 369,393 pounds of pollution from four different Hawaiian Islands through coastal cleanups.

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Since the arrival of man in the Hawaiian Islands, over half of the native forests have been lost. Since its inception in 2014, The Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative (HLRI) has been working hard to reverse this trend and return these forests to the native landscape. Working together with community minded businesses, non-profits and individual Legacy Tree sponsors, more than 400,000 endemic trees now cover nearly 1200 acres in the state’s first Hawaiian Legacy Forest.

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