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Palm trees at Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii

Group Activities and Enhancements

Let’s build your custom team event, Hawaiian style.


In Hawai‘i, it is proper protocol to start events of importance with a prayer or ‘oli (chant) of welcome. This brings everyone together in one mind, one heartbeat, one thought to move forward united and in the spirit of your event, be it to welcome, seek knowledge or greet with a lei.

Whether signifying the start of an event or transitioning an event, the sound of the conch shell will get the attention you seek.

Especially for events held at Coconut Grove. Have your Big Kahuna, VIP or surprise guest arrive Hawaiian style aboard a Hawaiian double-hulled canoe paddled by our very own Fairmont Orchid Hui Holokai (Beach Boys). Their arrival is also announced by the sound of the conch shell and added drama of torches if at night. Scheduled and coordinated with your event times. Hawaiian costume available.

Greet your guests Hawaiian style, with a fresh flower or kukui nut lei by lei greeters (male and female as requested) at the entrance of your event. Lei represent a continuum of aloha to adorn you always. Lei to be selected and ordered separately based on current market price.
Duration: 1–2 hours

Warm up your night time function on the beach at coconut grove. Story teller and smore’s booked separately. Duration: 2–3 hours


Your guests will take a moonlight paddle to enjoy the cool ocean spray and the magical view of the resort and island. Reserve up to 4 canoes captained by our Hui Holokai. Duration: 2–3 hours

3 teams of 3 each, coached and steered by our very own Hui Holokai, will race in heats up through a final elimination to celebrate the top 4 teams. In true Hawaiian style, each paddler is greeted back on shore with a lei to celebrate their race and team spirit. Reserve up to 3 four-man canoes for your attendees to race in. Awards not included and can be customized for your event. Duration: 2–4 hours

The ocean and reef are a buzz with nocturnal marine life that you won’t normally see in the light of day. Flashlights, glow sticks and snorkel equipment included for the Hui Holokai guided event. 1 Hui Holokai per 5 attendees. For guests 13 and older. Duration: 1.5 hours

Starting on the shore with an introduction to equipment, proper fitting and safety, our Hui Holokai will gently guide you into the water and exploring the beautiful Hawaiian reef. Equipment provided for your use– includes a mask, snorkel, fins,
defogger for your mask and a fish identification card. Guests of all ages are welcome to participate in a group introduction to snorkeling.
1 Hui Holokai per 11 attendees. Duration: 1 hour

Beach volleyball in the sand with or without a referee is fun and exciting for your attendees to enjoy time at Pauoa Bay. Organized games or pick up games for your attendees, simply reserve the court and a referee if
desired. Duration: 2–3 hours

Customize the day and time of a private hike for your attendees to the Kalāhuipua’a Fishponds, Puakō Petroglyphs or right here on property for our Nā Mea Waiwai O Milokūkahi (Treasure of Milokūkahi). Cold bottled water provided for your attendees. Duration: 2 hours

One of Hawai‘i’s treasured arts is the hula. Learn hula basics, history and folklore along with dance steps that you will long be sharing with friends and family. For participants of all ages, everyone is welcome. A sound system is required for groups larger than 25, is additional at market price. Duration: 1 hour

Your guests will paddle their kayaks as they are guided by our Hui Holokai to a favorite snorkeling or fishing spot. This two hour adventure includes a single or double kayak, paddles, water and snorkel or fishing equipment – as requested. For ages 16 and older. Duration: 2 hours

If you enjoy fishing, you will enjoy this leisure holoholo activity. In Hawai’i, you never ask if someone is going fishing. We always say “holoholo”, which means, “I’m just going out – here and there.” The fish may hear you and you will most likely come home empty handed. Go holoholo with our Hui Holokai to their favorite spot on the shoreline. Bamboo poles, line and tackle, and water provided for all attendees. Awards/certificates provided for all participants. For guests of all ages. Duration: 2 hours

Makahiki in Hawai‘i is the equivalent of a harvest celebration in other parts of the world. These games were played and practiced by Hawaiians well before Captain Cook arrived and are still played by people of all ages. Kōnane, Hawaiian checkers, is a game of strategy that was used by our Chiefs to plan war moves. Ulumaika is a game similar to bowling that is all about aim and skill. We can build your Hawaiian Makahiki Games to fit your group’s unique theme or needs. Duration: 12 hours

My Little Grass Shack at Pauoa Bay
Nā Pa’ani Kahakai–Beach Games
Nā Pa’ani Hui–Team Games
Duration: 2–4 hours based on group size and movement of group

Add to the ambiance of your event with traditional Hawaiian activities that your attendees can participate in and make souvenirs to take home as a lasting memory. Our Hui Holokai are ready to host the following arts and crafts for you:
Coconut Frond Weaving–Weave fish, canoes or baskets.
Lei Making–Learn to make lei. Choose from a variety of lei styles; ti leaf-hilo, flower lei-kui, braided-haku, twined-wili.
Mo‘olelo Time–Storytelling of Hawai‘i island myths, legends and history under the stars.
‘Ohe Kāpala (Bamboo Stamping)–Stamp traditional Hawaiian prints on tee shirts or other items provided at a per item cost.
Kukui Nut Jewelry–Clean, sand and polish a kukui nut to make a bracelet or necklace.
Coconut Husking & Tasting
Throw Net Demonstration–Learn to handle and throw a large fish net in an ancient Hawaiian fishing style that is still practiced today.
Kākau (Polynesian Tattoos)–Discuss your genealogy and family traditions and have a temporary tattoo drawn on to wear for the night.
These activities are for attendees 13 years and older. Activities will be customized for children 12 and under.
Duration: 2 hours

All activities and services are dependent on Covid-19 State protocols and laws.

For more information, please contact the Fairmont Orchid Group Sales Team at +1 808 887 7363.

E pā‘ani mai! Come and play!

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