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Bee Sustainable

The Buzz at Fairmont Orchid


Bees are said to be a sign that ecosystems are functioning well. As essential pollinators, they contribute to ensuring healthy plant life and a nutritious food harvest. We incorporate our rare kiawe honey made onsite into our food & beverage offerings throughout Fairmont Orchid. We are thrilled to host hives on property to support honey bee health and invite our guests to learn about our bee-focused initiatives. #BeeSustainable


Did you know that Fairmont Orchid’s honeybees produce one of the rarest honeys in the world? Beekeeper Michael Domeier, owner of Rare Hawaiian Honey Company and beekeeper of Fairmont Orchid, says, “Kiawe honey is one of the rarest honey varieties in the world because this particular species of tree has been nearly wiped out in its native habitat, the Pacific coast deserts of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The tree was introduced to Hawaii, but only one location can consistently produce the beautiful, raw, organic, white monofloral Kiawe Honey that we bottle. Kiawe honey is exceptionally unique because it naturally crystallizes into a silky smooth, creamy honey. It is white in color and has a very delicate flavor, unlike anything most people have ever tasted before.”


Fairmont Orchid is proud to host complimentary weekly Aloha ‘Aina—Botanical Bees & Chef’s Garden Tour to introduce guests to its chef’s garden, botanicals collection and four onsite hives containing 80,000 honeybees. This special tour features an in-depth exploration of several tropical plant species and is led by the property’s Director of Hawaiian Culture, Ka’iulani Blankenfeld who shares the Hawaiian legends and lore behind pollinator-friendly plants such as the naupaka. Guests also learn how one becomes a good steward of the land through the tending of special trees such as the ‘ulu (breadfruit) and plants such as the ti leaf which grow abundantly in the chef’s garden. Please see Concierge for the most up-to-date schedule.

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